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The topic of this article is to explain how to engineer keyword sets in such a way that SEO efforts are optimally leveraged for long term profitability. Working on the right keywords can produce results more quickly, and also produce results that are more profitable. Keyword set design is easy, but the right factors must be taken into account, which is the purpose of this article.

Tips on finding keywords ideas?

Think from the perspective of someone searching for you. For example, someone looking for a math tutor would be more likely to type in “AP calculus tutoring” than “quadratic formula”. Most people typing in “quadratic formula” are interested in information, but everyone typing in “AP calculus tutoring” is looking for a tutor.

Longer keywords

Longer keywords will have a lower monthly cost but also a lower search volume. For example, “best math tutoring in Hawaii” is cheaper than a short and broad keyword like “math tutor”.

Service names

Look for different names of the product/service you provide. For example, “math tutoring”, “private math teacher”, “in-home math lessons”.


Use sub-services. For example, “algebra tutoring”, “trig tutoring”, “calculus tutoring”, “honors geometry tutoring”, “geometry tutoring”.

Part of speech

Use different parts of speech. For example, “math tutor”, “math tutors”, “math tutoring”.


Use locations to create variations. For example, “math tutor Santa Monica”, “math tutor Los Angeles”, “math tutor Malibu”, “online math tutor”.

Word order

Change the order of the words. For example, “Santa Monica math tutor”, “math tutor Santa Monica”.


Use adjectives. For example, “best math tutor”, “affordable math tutor”, “local math tutor”, “genius math tutor”, “top math tutor”. 


Looks for other miscellaneous ways to create variations. For example, “tutors in math”.

Tips on choosing from your keyword ideas
By picking keywords that you are already ranking for you get a faster return on your SEO investment. For example, a keyword that you have low ranking for, say position 232 may move to position 56 in two months, but you won’t see any traffic increase from that. Whereas, a keyword that you are rnaking for, say position 12.

Consider how strong the SEO profiles of the website ranking on the first page are for each keyword. If you want to rank for a keyword like “math tutor” but the website in the 10th position has a very strong SEO profile, you will have to consider the time and money investment that will be required to reach the first page.

If you want a quite turn around on your SEO investment, it is more desirable to go for keywords that are easier to rank. As a generalization, these would include keywords with lower search volumes and CPCs.

The more a particular keyword is searched for, the more potential it has to send traffic to your site. A keyword like “los angeles math tutors for high school seniors” is probably almost never searched and won’t help you much, if at all. A keyword like “math tutor” has a ton of searches and will send a lot for traffic to your site.

Some products or services that you sell may be more profitable for your business. Go for keywords that promote the most lucrative sales.

By picking keywords with a higher CPC (cost per click) in Google Adwords, you are getting keywords that are deemed more lucrative. All else remaining constant, ranking for a keyword with a CPC of $25 will generate more revenue than ranking for a keyword with a CPC of $3.

SEO relevancy
If you are a tutoring company it is going to be much easier to rank for some keyword with the word “tutor” in it. Trying to rank for “math games” would be much harder because Google knows that you are not the most relevant search result.

Cross support
Picking keywords that are similar helps all the keywords rank more quickly and higher. For example, if you want to choose three keywords, “algebra tutor”, “algebra tutoring”, “tutoring in algebra”, will be a much more leveraged approach than, “math tutor”, algebra tutor”, “kids tutor”.


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