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Pricing and Services

We believe that it should be easy to get into SEO. One of the main issues that deter companies is that they don’t know if the SEO is going to produce a positive return on investment. The SEO community is littered with less-than-effective SEO companies that make lofty long-term promises, that required high upfront fees and many months of investment to see results. It has been our commitment to find a way to completely remove this barrier to entry, so that companies that we know can gain from our program have a safe method if investing in SEO.

Guaranteed results, or your money back!

If your rankings do not improve in the first three months of service, we will issue you a full refund upon cancellation.

Non-Revenue Share Pricing
Required Price Recurrence When Details
Keyword Set Design No $150 One time fee Before offsite SEO starts Strategic keyword selection is crucial to campaign success. We employ all our experience to find the keywords that will result in greatest amount of relevant traffic.
Onsite & Offsite SEO Analysis Yes $250 One time fee Within the first month of offsite SEO Our SEO analysis is a custom, comprehensive look at all the onsite and offsite factors contributing to current SEO and future potential. Our team of experts spends day and employs fancy tools to prepare this invaluable report.
Onsite SEO Implementation Must be completed by us or you. $500 One time fee Within the first month of offsite SEO This involves making all the onsite changes that we recommend in onsite portion of the SEO analysis. It is crucial because it determines the potential gain that our offsite SEO services can achieve.
Offsite SEO Services Yes Variable Recurring Fee After keywords are selected We charge per keyword. The charge is approximately 1/5th to 1/10th the fees that you would incur working through a PPC campaign, for the equivalent amount of traffic that is attained while ranking organically in the first position of Google. To put it simply, once the initial investment in the campaign is made, you will be getting traffic for less than 1/5th the cost that people in your niche pay for PPC traffic.