What is SEO?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the art of signaling to search engines that your website is the most relevant search results for a particular keyword or keyphrase. It is a search engine’s job to showcase the highest quality and most relevant websites; we simply give them a reason to showcase YOU!

How We Get Results

To drive search engines to showcase you in search results, we create a powerfully natural, digital buzz around your domain. We do this in a highly detailed manner that takes into account the most subtle nuances of the today’s search engine technology so that search engine algorithms respond in a highly desirable way.

Premium Onsite Analysis

A certain level of onsite SEO quality is necessary to achieve the optimal benefit of our powerfully natural, digital buzz. Therefore, as a part of your free trial we provide you with a manually researched, extensive onsite SEO analysis that outlines the onsite changes we recommend.

Why is SEO so Lucrative?

For almost all businesses SEO is the most cost-effective way to generate traffic to your website. With SEO you invest in a sort of search engine real-estate that produces a constant stream of visitors. Instead of paying search engines per click, you invest in your domain itself, earning traffic at 1/5th to 1/10th the cost of standard PPC.

"Silicon Beach Digital is first and foremost committed to helping businesses succeed, and this new approach to SEO is a breath of fresh air for the industry."
Andy Kim CEO of INC 500 Company IT Source Corporation

Guaranteed results, or your money back!

If your Search Engine rankings do not improve within the first three months of service, we will issue you a full refund upon cancellation.

100 percent sastisfaction

No Set-up Fees. No Long-Term Contracts.

Simply enter your Domain and Start your SEO Campaign.

Why Us?

  • Guarantee

    If your rankings do not improve in the first three months of service, we will issue a full refund upon cancellation.

  • Free SEO Analysis ($500 Value)

    As a part of our SEO service we offer a free custom/manual onsite SEO Analysis. This is an in-depth 30+ page analysis of your website which includes all necessary changes in order to make your website SEO friendly.

  • Month to Month

    Instead of the standard 6 month contract, we have a month to month policy that allows our clients to cancel at any time.

  • Natural SEO

    Search engines don't like to be tricked, so our approach works harmoniously with their algorithms to achieve a natural-looking, resilient, high quality link-profile that search engines rank quickly and confidently.

  • Fast Rankings

    We are so fast that we often times achieve ranking improvements in the first week. Most SEO companies say they need 6 months to generate good results. However, with us you will see great improvements in your rankings within just 8 weeks.

  • Resilient Rankings

    Your rankings must be able to withstand the inevitable changes in search engine algorithms. We ensure this by using a high quality linking strategy that emphasizes the natural development of your link-profile.

  • Onsite & Offsite Services

    The most effective form of SEO requires the incorporation of both onsite and offsite factors.

  • Weekly Reporting

    Our commitment to keeping you up to date on the latest developments in your SEO campaign means that, every Monday morning, we generate a report outlining your current rankings.

  • SEO Focused

    We specialize our high quality services just for you, focusing all of our resources on perfecting our SEO abilities, so that your optimized campaign can succeed.


FIND OUT YOUR RANK! As a part of our SEO service you get a manual audit of your current rankings.   FIND OUT THE EASY FIXES that you can make to your website with our premium onsite SEO analysis ($500 value - BONUS)   SEE HOW MUCH TRAFFIC SEO CAN GENERATE FOR YOU with our detailed initial projections.
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About Silicon

Silicon Beach Digital is a professional grade SEO company based in Santa Monica, CA. Our experienced team has years of success helping companies grow their organic search traffic. As a company, we are committed to providing SEO in a way that goes beyond the industry’s status quo to provide a service that companies can truly count on. To read more about our commitment to profitability and accessibility, please visit our about page.

*Free onsite and offsite SEO analysis and free offsite SEO keyword rankings within only two weeks.