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CTR: CTR stands for click through ratio, which is the percentage of clicks that you receive when displayed in search engine results. CTR is an importable value because it determines how much traffic your site gets given a search volume for a particular keyword. For example, if your target keywords has a search volume of 10,000 per month, and you are in position #1, your estimated CTR is 36% and your consequent expected traffic to your site is Volume * CTR = 10,000 *.36 = 3,600.

Conversion Rate: Conversion rate is the percentage of visitors that engage with your website is a certain predefine manor. For example, the percentage of people that give you their email address, or the percentage of people that buy your product.

CRO: CRO stands for conversion rate optimization, which is the process of improving a website’s conversion rate via improved copy, calls to action, and layout. ABC split testing is employed to quantitatively drive improvements informed by empirical data.

Link Profile: Your link profile is a summary of your inbound links; that is, who is linking to your website and how they are linking to it. Your link profile is the most important factor that search engines use to qualify your website for a given keyword search.

PPC: PPC stands for pay per click, and refers to paying search engines or other lead generation website for each visitor they send to your website. SEO is not a pay per click service. Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, and affiliate marketing are pay per click services.

SEM: SEM stands for search engine marketing is paying search engines to place you in the sponsored search results.  The search engine charges you for every visitor they send to your website.