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Client Qualifications

SEO is by far the most affordable way to generate traffic for your business. The reason is that you don’t pay per click like you would with social media marketing or search engine marketing. Most businesses fit well with the SEO strategy, but some do not. To know if SEO is right for your business, see the bullets below.

  • Your business must have a means of generating revenue from traffic. If your business doesn’t have the potential to generate an actual paying client out of a website visitor, you will end up with many people seeing your page, but won’t be able to monetize your campaign investment.
  • Your business must have a product or service that is being searched for. Because SEO capitalizes on search traffic that is already out there, you must have people looking for you on search engines. For example, if you sell fusion powered hover-boards, you won’t be able to get a lot of traffic, because most people wouldn’t think to search for your product. You can use our keyword engine to search for volumes of particular keyword. Just start by entering in your website domain-name.

It is possible for a business to fit well within the SEO strategy of our campaigns, but who are not quite prepared for it. To know if you are prepared, see the points below:

  • You must have a landing page or website that effectively engages prospects. Your website must be easy to navigate and communicate what you do in such a way that you inspire visitors to contact you. You must also have a call to action that makes it easy to want to contact your company.
  • You must be ready to process a lot of new leads. SEO is powerful tool and you will need to be ready for the interest in your business that it will generate.

We have some requirements of our own when working with clients:

  • We will only work with you if you have a business that operates in accordance with the law.
  • We will only work with you if you contribute to a better society in some capacity. A great product or service that harmoniously integrates into society is sufficient.
  • We don’t work with gambling websites, porn websites, or pharmaceutical websites.