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Backlinks & SEO: The Basics

Thursday July 02, 2015

A backlink is defined as “an incoming hyperlink from one web page to another website.” For example, every time a person shares a link to an article on Facebook, they have now created a backlink to that article. Backlinks can take any form, including images.

Think of backlinks as a list of websites that refer to your website. Google uses backlinks to determine a website’s link profile. It’s similar to a Yelp page – a collection of all the websites that support and connect with you. Search engines need to see that other websites recommend you to deem you relevant and worthy of the front page.

Having a diverse backlink profile is crucial to ranking well in organic searches. This means both quantity and quality websites are linking to a page. When websites are endorsed by other branded websites, rankings take off.

Our specialty lies in offsite backlinking. We have created a private network of sites over many years. That way, our links are high in PR and give you the high-power link juice you’re looking for.

An organic backlink profile is the cornerstone of optimizing your online presence. Tap into the earning potential of search engines by starting a free 14 day trial of our backlinking service today.

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