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Google Maps + SEO

Friday October 23, 2015

As far as digital marketing is concerned, there are a number of components beyond the website itself that influence presence in search engines. One crucial element for bumping traffic is optimizing accounts through map and directory websites.

Google’s Pigeon Algorithm restructured the results page so that local maps often pop up first with a directory of relevant sites. For example, a search for “Home birth Los Angeles” appears to users like this:

Home Birth Los Angeles

Many users opt to use the map rather than organic options below, simply for the convenience of not having to scan beyond the top of the search engine results page.

Keeping a close eye on your listings and business accounts is a strategic approach to landing more clients to your website everyday.

Keep in mind these good habits when managing your web persona outside of your website…

1. Create a Google “My Business Account” ASAP. It is essential that your listing is current and accurate so that users from that area can easily connect with your site. You can access this tool here Google My Business. Sign up here and confirm your account through Google Places and Google Plus.

2. Spruce up your profiles. Fill out your Google Places account in its entirety – including photos, hours of operation, contact info and your website. Not only does this bump up your standing in Google, it also legitimizes your brand to users.

3. Set up a Yelp Account. Yelp is a powerful tool for grasping sales as it is the most widely used consumer review site. Owners can claim their business listing through the website. Make sure to verify your information and polish the page with pictures. Plus, you can incentivize users to review your business so you have a solid list of testimonials from satisfied clients. Although a couple poor reviews may be inevitable, respond to any complaints directly and take action to remedy the situation.

These steps ensure that you harness the power local map and directories. Being active and thorough in these accounts requires ongoing maintenance – but it pays off handsomely with more traffic and leads. Couple this with our offsite backlinking SEO and watch your rankings soar.

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