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The Benefits of Google Analytics

Friday July 24, 2015

Google Analytics is a key tool for any website owner. Whether a blog, e-commerce site, or a static page, every website can tap into metrics about users that interact with your site.

Google Analytics provides insight into the type of user who accesses a website including�

  • Number of people that visit your website every month
  • Location of visitors
  • Mobile-friendliness of website
  • Websites that send traffic to you
  • How users find your website (e.g. Google ads, organic search, etc.)
  • Most popular pages on your website
  • What blog content is most liked

Getting a sense for your user demographic allows for carefully tailored marketing strategies. You can pinpoint what works best for advertising and content, and what falls flat. Knowing your client base and market is critical for expanding revenue. Plus, you can customize the site to track how ongoing changes to your website affect exposure.

Google Analytics tool helps point to targeted keywords that are lucrative and well-searched in your niche. Knowing what users are keying in to find your site lets you produce content more aligned with their interests.

Keep users on the site and draw new ones in by harnessing the power of Google Analytics.

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